Kevin Freeney Snr

Kevin Freeney Snr (1919-1986)

Kevin was a master signwriter, known as a ‘Gentleman of Letters’. Much has been written about Kevin and his skills are well documented.

Tom Freeney, current Managing Director of Freeney’s Graphics, remembers Kevin well. Kevin would often work with Ned, his nephew and Ned’s young son, Tom himself.

Tom recalls that Kevin was incredibly gifted, forming free flowing script text with just his imagination, paint and a pencil brush.

Kevin would arrive, set himself up and turn on his ham radio and talk to signwriters in the USA. He would later record audio tapes and send and receive tapes to and from around the world. It was social media before the term was invented.

See some examples of Kevin's work below or click here to read more on Freeney's today.

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