COVID-19 Signage

To ensure the safety of staff, colleagues, visitors and shoppers Covid 19 Safety Signs should be displayed where ever possible in the workplace. 

Each business sector will need specific signs that highlight the various hazards and logistical obstacles. Freeneys Graphics are here to advise you on what Covid 19 safety signs you require and how best to use this type of signage. 

Businesses and individuals are taking preventative measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 as a society. With this is mind we have designed a wide range of Covid-19 signs that cater for shopping centres, shops, businesses, schools, Universities, offices and pubic areas. 

This signage includes all HSE Social Distancing Signage such as social distancing guidelines, social distancing floor stickers and washing your hands guidelines. These coronavirus signs can be used in variety of settings and for all workplaces. We design both internal and external displays. 

Get in touch with us today to order your COVID-19 signage. Call us on +353 1 4520352 or email:

I have always found Freeney’s Graphics to be efficient and always reliable to deal with. They understand our sign and graphic requirements and their installation teams are knowledgeable, experienced and professional.


  • Social Distancing Signs
  • 2m Distance Floor Sign
  • Wash Your Hands Safety Sign
  • Stop the Spread Safety Sign
  • Information Posters regarding Covid 19
  • Pull Up Banner
  • Pavement Signs
  • Perspex screens for work stations
  • Anti Slip mat to help customers social distancing


Get in touch with us today to order your COVID-19 signage. Call us on +353 1 4520352 or email:


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