Ned Freeney

Ned Freeney (born in 1941)

Ned, born in 1941, is the father of Freeney’s Graphics Managing Director, Tom. Ned followed in the family tradition of signwriters but with a difference. His great talent for artistic painting afforded him the opportunity to paint and reproduce full colour images, often photographic, on a large scale.

Before digital print, advertisers who wished to produce short run, full colour imagery on billboards, posters and vehicles needed to engage an artist, and Ned was the first name on every advertising agency list.

Tom recalls working with his father in the 80's and 90's painting seemingly impossible full colour ads on double decker buses. These works are recorded in the published book ‘The Art of Painting Buses’.

See some examples of Ned's work below or click here to read more on Freeney's today.

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