Building Wraps

Often associated with building works, Building Wraps are large, reinforced, printed mesh banners. The design can be a commercial ad or an esthetic, printed recreation of the hidden building facade. Freeney’s Graphics are on hand to advise, design, print and install your project.

Building Wraps are an out door graphic/message designed to encompass a building or structure that can create an immediate and positive impact. Wraps do not need to cover the entire building, but usually this is the most powerful way of getting maximum impact. The graphics selected or designed by our team can ensure your message is seen from great distances. 

We have been working with Freeney’s Graphics since 1980. We continue to trust Freeney’s to bring our creative designs to life.

Not always used for advertising purposes, Building Wraps can be used to obscure building sites, buildings under-going work, and even to promote what will be revealed following building completion. To arrange a cunsultaiton and a free quotation, contact us to talk to one of our team.

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